Monday, July 28, 2008

My little American Girl

Can you see the little doll in the salon chair getting her hair done?

Maisie and I met friends for a little girls trip to the American Girl Place on 5th Ave. I went with the intention of buying Maisie a doll- but just couldn't bring myself to do it. She is just 1 1/2 and the dolls said ages 8+. So it's the stores own fault for discouraging me from buying!:)

That store was amazing. All the doll options- personalizing them to make them look like you, buying a matching outfit for doll and child, the doll hospital (where dolls get repaired and come home with a hospital bracelet and everything), the hair salon for the dolls, the cafe where you can put your doll in her own high chair for a $22 lunch or tea, the theatre where you can watch a live performace, etc. Wow.

Maisie seemed to mostly have fun following her friend around and giggling. What a sweet store for my sweet little girl!:)


Bingham Family said...

How fun!! To bad eveything has to cost so much money! You could have got one and put it away, but who has that kind of money. I guess you'll have to go back when she turns eight!

Brittany said...

maisie must've been in heaven the last couple of days! toys, toys and toys! they have an american girl in chicago but i never went in...sounds like i missed out on a lot. i remember when i went to FAO and fell in love with the wall of colorful m&m's. that was before the internet was popular and you could order any color you wanted. i bought one of each color and held on to them for months.

when are you guys going back for school? from the sound of things it must be soon... i'm glad you had a fun summer full of freebies!

Wilson family said...

Hi Malya! We finally found your blog! It's great! What fun, an American Girls store!

Evonne said...

OMG!she is just so adorable,she is like a doll haha,:)