Monday, July 28, 2008

FAO Schwartz

After Broadway in the Park last week Maisie and I went with some friends window shopping down 5th Ave. ending at FAO Schwartz, a huge and magical toy store. Maisie had falled asleep on the way over there, but when she woke up I couldn't help but wonder if she thought she'd died and gone to heaven! Surrounded by colorful, musical, fun-filled toys- what a wonderland!

While we were there we got to hear story time by one of the toy soldiers (isn't that what he was? It's like their logo or something?), ride around on a pretty pink car, play with toddler toys, visit the 'hospital' where children can 'adopt' a baby for the small price of their $100 dolls:), saw life sized stuffed animals, dress up clothes, a model train she just adored, and best of all the GIANT piano featured in "Big" with Tom Hanks. She and I ran across it and she danced and giggled the whole time. It was such a fun trip!


Bingham Family said...

She is so cute. What a fun thing to do. I would have a hard time getting out of there with my kids. Heaven!!!

Heidi and Matt said...

I can't get over how much fun you guys are having. Maisie is just so adorable and I especially love the 'big' pictures!!! One of my favorite movies ever!! Everything just looks so great!