Monday, July 28, 2008

Free is a very good price

This is Maisie playing with a good friend at Broadway in the park. I think she ate about 6 handfuls of dirt and gravel that afternoon!

This is the Phantom from Phantom of the Opera- such beautiful music. A true classic, Ryan got to see it again here on Broadway and loved it.
One of maybe 3 or 4 pieces of art we recognized at the Metropolitan museum of art. Was it just me or did they just hate my toddler running around that place? Not as much as the sales-people at SAKS 5th Ave hating her swinging on the $3k dress. All I said was "Where is that child's mother!" Washington square park. Do you recognize the 'Arch de Triumph' (something like that) from "I am Legend" or "August Rush"? We enjoyed a free concert there while Maisie made friends playing at the playground.
Our little family at Governer's Island. It was so quiet and peaceful there- I nearly forgot we were just a 5 min ferry ride from the city. We loved the free live music and activites there.

In more detail-

This summer has been filled with so many unforgettable adventures for us. Those who know me well know I love finding a bargain- and I want to share a few I've found here in the city so far, that are FREE:

On Thursdays several Broadway musicals are showcased at Bryant park where the stars sing a few songs from their shows (Maisie and I met friends and had a great time doing this last week), the Bronx Zoo on Wednesdays (we went twice before the heat of the summer kicked in!), NY Philharmonic plays in different NYC parks all summer- we saw and heard them in Central Park, free children's crafts in some NYC parks (Maisie made a bracelet at one), Live! with Regis and Kelly was free and so fun for me to see since I am such a fan, Ryan has a pass from American Express so all the museums in NYC have been free to see (if you haven't seen the Museum of Natural History, get to NY and see it!!! Unreal.); we just saw the Metropolitan museum of art, Governer's Island gives a free ferry over to the island and free concerts which we enjoyed this weekend, along with free kayaking, canoeing and row boating, and much much more.

On top of all the leisure activities I have also run into people giving away free stuff in the streets- oh come on now, I'm playing it safe. For example, Maisie and I went to go pick Ryan up from work and a truck was passing out free bottles of a new flavored vitamin water- so we got 3. Last weekend a booth at Governor's Island was giving out free water bottles (perfect timing since I've lost TWO this summer) and free bottled water as well. Another day we passed by an M&M's truck, so I wandered over to find them giving away as a promotion free M&M ice cream bars (I stripped Maisie down to diaper only and let her have at it. On a sunny NY day out on the street she made quite the mess!). Another morning we found weight watchers single serve ice cream being handed out- of course we helped ourselves. And my favorite, is outside the ABC studios a truck sits giving free coffee and bagels out, as a promotion of their brand "Chock full o nuts" so I got a free sausage egg breakfast sandwich. I know, I know, this place really is a paradise for me!!!

These are just some pictures of recent free adventures!:)


Janelle said...

Sounds like so much fun. That first picture of Maisie reminds me of your mom. Similar face. How much longer do you guys have in NYC? Then where?

Bingham Family said...

If it's free it's for me!!! That's really cool you found all that fun stuff to do and get.