Tuesday, July 28, 2009


At the ward campout. Maisie loved playing in the river with friends. She kept saying, "I love my friends." And this is our Tanner, always so smiley and happy. Last Sunday he was talking and laughing so loud he couldn't even come into Sunday School.
Maisie at Mall of America's theme park. Every Tuesday there are free toddler activities. We went and Maisie had a blast with a couple friends we've made here in MN. They were giving away free cotton candy and Maisie had some for the first time and loved it of course.

Tanner Boy.
Well here we are in Minnesota. Crazy. We never would have guessed we'd end up here. And we love it. We were originally going to move to Arizona, so the change to MN was quite the shocker! We are a one mile walk through the woods to the Mississippi River, where there is a dam we can walk across. We have seen deer every single time we walk to the river. What a beautiful place to live.

Graduating with an MBA- check.

Since I met Ryan 8 years ago he had planned on getting his MBA. He knew he needed some work experience, and went and did that very well, and then got accepted to BYU and finished his MBA this spring.
The extraordinary thing about my Ryan is that he really put so much energy into doing great throughout the program in every little way. We are so proud of him.