Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tanner Boy

Surprise! We had a baby! For those of you who had seen me over the pregnant months, this was no surprise- but to those of you who haven't- yes, we had a baby boy 8 lbs 1 oz. C-section again, less comfortable when the anasthesia doesn't work- but we are doing great.

I should make every post this exciting. But that would be a lot of kids.
If you're thinking he looks yellow, you are absolutely right. He had major jaundice for 4 wks.
Maisie is crazy about him. Every morning when he came home, she would wake up and ask where baby Tanner was. She couldn't resist climbing in his pack n play to play with him- which has taken lots of my energy to keep him safe. He only made in one week without a fall of our bed with her help- scary, but he didn't seem to mind. (check in with me in a few years and lets make sure there wasn't any lasting damage).
Joy joy joy.