Monday, August 29, 2011

Would anyone read this?

I wondered as I decided to log into my account. Since I wrote last:

I got pregnant. Had a baby. She turned 1! She's perfect- we call her, Avery.

Maisie turned 3, then 4, now almost 5- remarkable, right?

Tanner followed suit, turned 1, then 2. Amazing.

Ryan got a new job, same company. So we moved from Minnesota to Ohio. It's nice here. I love the fire flies, our wooded lot, the new house, and everyone I've met so far. I mean that.

AND I miss Minnesota desperately. I day dream of moving back all the time. I miss great friends, the Mississippi river trails through the woods, running friends, the park in the back yard, a wonderful dance class and preschool Maisie was in, the worlds greatest neighbors, etc.