Monday, June 2, 2008

I'm My Daughter's Nanny

New York, New York. Could we really be here? Apart from BYU, the last chapter of our lives was in Glenns Ferry, Idaho- population 1,200. Moving on to New York City, population 4 million, in a smaller geographical area has been shocking, nerve racking, depressing, exciting, wonderful all at the same time.We arrived on Thursday May 15 and spent the day walking around our neighborhood which is right next to Columbia University.We've spent so much time in parks already, and what I've learned is that the children at the park who have a different color skin than the adult they are with probably weren't adopted but with a nanny. It looks to me like the adults that sit silent with the children saying nothing are usually the nannys. It actually breaks my heart. While at the same time fills me with such gratitude that we live such priviledged lives to be stay at home moms.My favorite Nanny/child pair was a woman from Tibet with a beautiful little boy or girl- I couldn't tell. So I just asked. Well, can you blame me? Beautiful long blonde hair, green cargo pants, a royal blue t-shirt and a bright pink barrette in the hair. What would you guess? Name: Wyatt. Male. The nanny was nice and said she got sick of his hair in his eyes so she now uses hair accessories. Adorable.


Bingham Family said...

that is funny! I agree we are so blessed to be able to be home with our kids.

Janelle said...

Have you ever read The Nanny Diaries? Funny book, and you'll appreciate it even more after having lived in NYC.