Monday, June 2, 2008

7 Days for $25

When buying a subway pass you have the option to buy an unlimited ride pass for $25 that lasts 7 days. Or you can buy each ride for $2 each. So... over the past week I definitely got my money's worth. Here are a few of my adventures:

This may look like an amusement park, but no, it's Toys'R'Us in Times Square. It was unbelievable.

Playing in Central Park for Luke Busby's birthday. It's been so nice to have MBA friends here!

Children's museum of the Arts. Maisie had such a great time playing, reading, painting, and exploring. In SoHo.

The Jersey Shore. My favorite day so far.

I just had to add this. No, that's not facial hair silly, that is sand stuck to snot. Who hasn't seen this before? Classic.

Carnegie Deli, greatest cheesecake I've ever had, EVER. $8.95 a slice. Worth every penny.
Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. Beautiful to see the city scape. We ate great pizza once we got to Brooklyn.

Picking dad up from work. He works in the financial district right on the Hudson river. It is a gorgeous water front with a path all the way to the ferry boats to the Statue of Liberty. We were too late for that though.

The Bronx Zoo- Maisie and I went with Anika Busby, Stacey Creer and their kids. It was a lot of walking and not very many animals to see. But the Zoo is free on Wednesday and the kids were thrilled to be there and play together. The most exciting to Maisie were the peacocks. I thought that was hilarious.


Wyatt said...

When I was there 10 years ago a subway ride was already $1.50. $.50 in 10 years doesn't seem bad. Especially when gas has quadrupled in price. Looks like your having a blast.

Bingham Family said...

I am so excited to see all the fun things you guys are doing. I wish we could come out and visit!!